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Last Time I Scream Your Name... [entries|friends|calendar]
Jaeson Vegan

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Lego... [05 Mar 2011|03:46pm]
I love me some Legos!!! That is all! What's new people? Anyone still there???

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Who Lives In Virginia??? [20 Nov 2010|08:36pm]
I just moved to Roanoke like a month or two ago... I don't know anyone here. Lookin' for new friends...

Hit me up on my Myspace or something


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Hello??? [19 Aug 2010|12:55am]
Are you alive???

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Yiggity Yo... [27 Jul 2010|12:47am]
Anyone there???

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Update... [13 Jun 2010|02:12pm]
Work was hell this week, but we got a lot done!!!

Friday my band played an acoustic show (my first, ever) at ERiK!'s house with Doule$$ and Ross-A-Tron's acoustic comedy group, "Inches From Glory"... good times!!!

Played a lil pong (pong is played with paddles, just so you are aware), Eventually everyone ended up in the pool, except for me, Zeppa, Tabs, Art, and maybe one or two other... We headed out after Jennifer was obviously done drinkin'. I am sure it probably turned into an orgy after we left, hahaha.

Either way, Friday was a pretty good night.

Saturday, we just chilled most of the day, a lil shoppin' (spendin' moneys we don't have :) Headed over to Cat and Andrew's and just hung out for a bit.

Today (Sunday)... Watchin' some of the movies we bought yesterday, maybe goin' to a State park and takin' the ladies for a walk.

So not wantin' to start work tomorrow. Another busy week... at least I am gettin' the hours I need so I can start savin' for this move!

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Bored~!!! [06 Jun 2010|11:32pm]
I want to see some boobies!!! I'm very limited on the cash thing... Damnit... So, no strip club! :(

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Awesome... [12 Apr 2010|07:20pm]
I played the State Theatre on Saturday... The only day that was better than that was my weddin' day! I am so glad I reached one of my goals with music and my wife was there to experience it with me... I love you Jennifer Lynn

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[02 Apr 2010|06:25pm]
Bah wit da bah

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Yo... [21 Mar 2010|12:24am]
How you be???
Tell me a secret!!!
How do I private comments first???

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Yep... [14 Mar 2010|12:28pm]
Played a show in Palmetto last night... it was awesome... "The D.O.O.D.", "RMisery", and "338".

Nothin' really new to report... um... Some people irritate the piss out of me and one of these days I am goin' to bitch slap them... 'til then... oh well.

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Tell Me A Memory... [10 Mar 2010|07:54pm]
I am writin' me an autobiography... Yeah, stupid I know, but I think it would be fun... so... I need ideas... Tell me something you remember about me... something we have done together... anything!!!

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Gots Quite A Bit Goin' On... [09 Mar 2010|02:10am]
But I is too damn tired to type! Night beeetches!

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Bringin' The Rock!!! [04 Mar 2010|08:22pm]
Band's playin' again this weekend!

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Fun Fun Fun... [28 Feb 2010|07:45pm]
The strip club was a blast. I actually had fun last night :)

Spent a shit ton of money, saw a shit ton of titties, and drank a shit ton of beer!

Thanks to Jennifer, Andrew, Catherine, Geoffery, Sean, and all the dancers (especially the ones that can dance).

I needs to write something in my private one... I'll get to that a lil later.

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Goin' Strip Clubbin'... [27 Feb 2010|10:17pm]
Gonna party tonight!

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Fightin' With Tools... [24 Feb 2010|11:46pm]
Well... I really should be paintin'... I have found such peace with it. With everything that has been happenin' within the last year, it really helps me release.

Here is just a few things I have worked on... more to come some day.



Anyways... back to workin' out!

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FUCK YEAH!!! [22 Feb 2010|01:22am]
Just found out some AWESOME news!!! Can't really say 'til I know all the details. Let's just say my goals with music!

Anyways, what is up my homies???

Nothing too excitin' for me (well, actually that is a lie).

There isn't really too much more I can handle with life (well, actually that is a lie also).

Also I started a new journal... Jaeson Vegan

It's a lil more on the day to day, random thoughts, personal side... Try to add me, maybe I'll add ya back or forget to private something.

Love ya guys (well, actually that is a lie... Love most of ya).

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FREE FREE FREE... [20 Jan 2010|02:08am]

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Man... [29 Nov 2009|02:21am]
I have to draw a self portrait, but that is goin' to be kinda hard since I really don't like lookin' at myself. Oh well. I guess that is what you have to do when you go to IADT.

Jennifer is headin' home today!

I needs so slow down on the drinkin' thing I think.

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Blah... [23 Nov 2009|11:25pm]
Well, I am still alive... Life has been better. Hopefully everything works out. To make things worse. Jennifer is in Virginia and I am stuck in Florida. DAMN IT... hahaha!

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